Character "Cont'd"

In screenwriting mode, is there any way to edit a character’s “Cont’d” next to his name? Right now it’s seen in ALL CAPS. I might be “old school”, but I prefer it in lower case letters. So, instead of it looking like - JOE (CONT’D) I’d rather JOE (Cont’d). In Final Draft and MM Screenwriter you’re able to edit the Elements section and create the look you want for your readers, but I can’t seem to do this in Scrivener. Any suggestions?


Hi Doug,

Go to Format > Scriptwriting > Script Settings and in the panel that appears, select the “Character” element in the list and the “Auto-Complete” tab. You can edit the auto-complete elements there, and change the “(CONT’D)” to be lowercase.

You’ll then also need to select the “Font” tab, then under “Style to:”, select “Character(s):” and enter an opening parenthesis, “(”, into the text field. This tells the Character element only to auto-capitalise up to the first opening parenthesis on the line. If you don’t do this, even if you edit the “(CONT’D)” to use lowercase, it will uppercase the entire line regardless.

Hope that helps.

All the best,