Character Count Differences

Hi, the only statistic data I am really interested in is the character count without annotations. When I click on the character count bar at the bottom of a document, an overlay opens which will show me this number. I can also just hover the bottom bar and a tooltip opens showing me the correct number. However, before I click or hover, the number displayed (in bold font) is higher, it is including annotations, even though I have unchecked the annotations checkbox in the overlay. The draft progress shown on hover of the project search bar also includes annotations, even though I also have checked the option to exclude annotations in the dialogue under Project → Statistics … — Can I somehow change that behaviour? I use annotations to take note that I have checked some spelling to be correct, or to capture an idea for a sentence or paragraph that still has to be written, so those annotations are not part of the character count progress towards the writing goal for me. Thanks, Lorenz

[Edit:] I should clarify that I am talking about inline annotations. Comments are not included in the values shown in bold font in the bars, however, in the overlays, when I check the comments-and-annotations option (I usually don‘t do that), they are included.

In Project Statistics, there are multiple problems. There are three tabs and the Compile tab and the Selected Document tabs do not work. The Compile tab works occasionally if I compile the document, but the numbers vary from time to time, with no change in the project or the settings. The Selected Document tab does not work at all. I am unsure if there is any response to changing the setting in the the Options tab. These worked for me in the previous candidate from July 15th.

Do we have to (i.e. should we) report such issues in some formal bug reporter?

You’re in the Mac forum. As you’re on Windows, so you should post there. If you’re using the v. 3 Beta, post in the Windows Beta Testing forum. If you’re using v. 1.9, nothing will be changed as all work is on v. 3.


@mjholt: you’re in the wrong section of the forum - this is the macOS area, whereas you are reporting an issue with the Windows beta.

@pripple: This isn’t a bug but expected behaviour. The checkbox in the popover applies only to the statistics displayed in the popover, not to the counts shown in the footer bar. There is no way to show a live count without inline annotations, I’m afraid. This is to keep typing fast - otherwise Scrivener would have to work make a copy of the text, remove annotations and count the results every time you typed a letter.

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Thank you, Keith, for the clarification! This also applies to project statistics then, it seems. I would prefer to have the number reflect the settings I make in the popovers and in return update only every now and then, e. g. when the project is saved, which happens quite often – in effect, as soon as I stop typing.

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