Character Count Discrepancy

I noticed while working that there is a discrepancy in the character count between the status bar at the bottom of the selection and the project statistics window. The Project Stats window reports a character count for the selection that is consistently 10 or so off of the status bar. And I just downloaded the 029 update yesterday. Any ideas?

Beta 0.2.9
Windows XP

It is probably just your titles, if you are compiling with titles turned on. A key concept with the Project Statistics panel is that it uses your compiled document for the counts. That can mean a disparity if annotations are stripped out (as they usually are), or material is added (such as document notes). So, even if you use Scrivenings mode on your entire Draft folder so that all constituent items are visible, the counters may still disagree—radically in some cases (try the Enumerated Outline compile preset to see a huge disparity—that only compiles titles and synopses, no text).

So, as long as your compile settings are “normal”, or in other words, what you are going to be producing for the final output—the Project Statistics should be the most accurate gauge. The footer bar is always going to be a bit fuzzy because it has to optimise for speed instead of accuracy in order to remain real-time.