Character count on iOS not working on an existing document

When setting the golas in terms of Characters per session and starting writing in an empty document, all good.

But, when setting the goals on an existing document(created with and inside Scrivener iOS), there is no way to make Scrivener indicte the amount of characters present. I’ve tried cliccking on Start new sessione, go back to Words and then back to characters, change the amount of characters as goal… but nothing.

Any help on this please?

By the way, the way to show number of carachters should probably be availble outside of the goals function, in the page and project info I suggest. And anyhow could be documented, since I found it by miracle.

Regards. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I’m properly understanding what you’re trying to accomplish, and although it doesn’t speak to the goal feature you might find this helpful. In the included Tutorial > in the document titled The Editor there’s this:

You can access the options at Settings app > Scrivener > Editor > Statistics…or from within a Scrivener project, Project Settings (accessed via the gear icon in the Binder footer) > Show App Settings > Editor > Statistics.

Thant worked!
Thank you. Maybe, as I wrote, this should be in some easily accessible “information” function straight out of the box.

Anywais, thanks

It’s usually not, for iOS apps. You’re expected to know that the gear wheel icon is for settings and to find your way around by trial and error, or by going to a support site on the web.