Character count targets

Hello Keith,

Scrivener is brilliant. And I really like the new project and session targets feature. But in China we don’t count words, we count characters. So would you please add an option to let users choose from counting words or characters?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


I add my vote for this. In italy, too, we are asked for character count, rather than words.


Interesting. My publisher is also more interested in
character counts for estimating pages. Still, when
I’m writing, I’m more psychologically attuned to words.

So as far as TARGETS are concerned, words are more
important to me. I need to know actual characters as
well of course. And Scriv does a fine job of presenting
these to me. But for targets, words please.


Sorry, but there will be no character count targets for the foreseeable future. A lot of work went into implementing word count targets - which is most common in a lot of areas - and there will be very few changes following 1.02 for some time. Character targets may come eventually, just not for a while.
Thanks and all the best,

except for the European continent, East Asia including small communities like China, Korea, Japan,

O no, I am not nagging, I just had to speak for some minorities…


:unamused: You’re right. I should get rid of them entirely, so that nobody is upset. Y’know, I think I’m getting the hang of this shareware thing - the less updates you release, the less work you have to do, and the less suggestions you get. :wink:

A few days of a break will do :bulb:

This is a feature that I am absolutely not interested in. I just have a kind of a genetic defect that makes me speak out loudly when certain things are declared world standard that are more or less only standard in countries speaking a certain language. Never mind, the target no issue for me.

And now: I wish you a nice time in Norway, o, and: did I tell you how much I enjoy working with Scrivener?

All the best,

Ok, I’m nagging.

Maybe we character counting people are minorities, but it can’t be difficult to add such feature. Scrivener already knows how to count characters. They are just numbers, you can treat them the same as the word targets.

I hope you could change your mind, at least put it in the “foreseeable future”.


I must admit that the Target feature is most useful to participants to events like NaNoWriMo or the Scottish BBC equivalent, where you are asked to meet a word count target every day.
Writers of reviews, like me, already have the character count at the bottom of the window, and it should be enough. What I would find fine is a floating Statistics windows, similar to the one of Mellel, to constantly keep track of the character and word count of the single document and project.


I am guessing that the primary reason you do not have something like that in Scrivener is that Mellel only has one file to work with. Granted it can be a huge file, but the speed at which a computer can process an open file is always going to be superior to how fast it can process several hundred closed files, which is what Scrivener is. Each item in the Binder is another file, and to get the numbers in Statistics, it has to go through them all every time. To do that on every key-press would turn it into a sloth.

Hm, I was just going to request character count targets as well, because I saw that there is already a word count target … :frowning: Yeah, I admit, I’m one of those pesky Europeans :slight_smile: