Character Database?

I love scrivener.

But, a character database like the one in Jer’s would be really useful!

Thanks for making great software.

Although Scrivener is well-adapted to novel writing, it is not specifically aimed at novel-writing as Jer’s is. So, whilst I designed it to help me with my novel writing, it is also a more general tool, which is why a character database has no business in Scrivener. But really, you can just create a folder in the Research folder and call it “Characters”. You could create a template document for characters and place it inside that folder, then use cmd-D to copy it any time you want to create a new character document. You could also store character images and anything else, either in the notes of those documents or as subdocuments… Essentially, the current system allows a lot of flexibility in how you organise such things.

I’ve never more than tried out Jers, so I don’t know about how it manages a character base. You could try something like iClip, which I use to store characters and it works across programs. Just a thought.


Thanks for that. It simplifies a process I had been planning.