Character descriptions

How do people using Scrivener keep notes of character descriptions (so minor characters don’t run their fingers through their blond hair in one scene and 50 pages later plait their African corn rows)?

I have a folder for each character, into which I stuff whatever is relevant. The basics are two files inside a character’s folder: “notes” and “snippings”.

“Notes” is whatever I think of when I’m planning.

“Snippings” is for stuff out of the actual story. Specifically, when a character shows up in a scene, I’ll hilight the text that describes whatever it is they’re doing or saying or being said about them, and use the context menu “Append Selection to Document” and choose that character’s snippings file. Sometimes I do this while writing, more often I’ll do it afterward when I’m reviewing what I wrote.

It seems to work for me so far.

At one point, I had a file for each character, and when I wrote a wee-bit of physical description about them, I’d select the text, right-click, then use the “Append Selection to Document” option to add the sentence(s) to the bottom of the character file. Unfortunately, I didn’t update my character files every time someone new walked into the room, or append the descriptions often enough, that after a while, I kind of forgot I had been doing it.

So I guess…the solution itself worked…but I was too lazy to keep on top of it.

I write back stories for the major characters, a kind of dossier on their entire lives, before and after the novel action. These I keep in Devon Think folders, along with many other kinds of documents, images, and links. Could do the same in the Research folder of Scrivener, but I like to keep the project file on the lean side, just for drafting. Anyway, if you develop a vivid enough image of a character, that shouldn’t change; though he/she could change hair style and clothing when appropriate.

I make all of my characters shape-shifters with disturbed backgrounds, partial amnesia, and suffering from acute episodes of schizophrenia.

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Oh, thanks, these are both excellent suggestions - the “append selection to document” and the schizoid shape-shifters.