Character Feature Inquiry

So I just started using Scrivener. I chose the Blank Template because I wasn’t sure how to use it. After I added as many chapters and concepts I could and the synopsis (I had most of this down on paper already). I started to type and then realized that the first chapter had scenes rather than one big long one. So I started adding a folder for the first chapter and then adding the scenes in that folder to help with break downs.

Then I thought, I’d like to use the character set up feature. But I don’t see that option in the Blank Template. Is there a Character set up in this template that I can add or do I have to go to the Fiction Template?

I did all this work and I really don’t feel up to trying to export and then import everything into the fiction section. Although, I’m gonna be searching for an easier way though on here and you tube for an easier way but just simply adding the Character Section would be awesome.

You could create a new project from the fiction template, and with both projects open, drag the desired template from the fiction template project to your working project.