Character graphics

Hi. Great version. My only question is that when i import a project it doesnt pick up the character sheet pictures from thevmac version. Is this as intended and if so, will editing on the ipad and syching lose those pictures when i open it on the mac?


Are you talking about corkboard index card images for files? These are off by default on the iPad, but you can enable them in the project settings by tapping the gear menu in the binder footer, then tapping Corkboard > Show Images. Individual documents can have their synopsis image toggled off or on in the inspector: tap “Corkboard Image”, then tap “Enabled” to toggle it to “Disabled” so that the corkboard displays the synopsis text instead of the image for that particular file.

In response to the other question, no, syncing between iOS and macOS/Windows won’t lose any desktop data; it just may not be available when on iOS.

Sorry, User is an idiot. Great app.

I’ll take that to mean you’ve got it working. :wink: Thanks–glad you’re liking the app!