Character/Location templates

I’ve just started Scrivener, but this is really bugging me… there are a couple of existing templates, but I can’t see how I can incorporate them into my new project. Am I supposed to create my own templates? Sorry if this is a dense question, it’s just that I’m finding the whole program very difficult to get my head round

If you really need the character template, then I am sure that someone else will pass by and lend a hand.

On the subject of having difficulty in coming to grips with the program, I would suggest you play around with the option of a Blank project on the start panel to begin with. It has Draft, Research and Trash folders, and I personally think this stripped down version permits one to better comprehend Scrivener. One can use the other functions like Keywords and add in the bells and whistles once one has greater familiarity.

Of course, everyone works differently. From my perspective, the mere fact I was able to Ctrl + up, down, left or right to move individual scenes in my project was the first thing that made me love the program after labouring with MS Word.

All the best.