Character Map Copying Wrong Symbol

Hi, all,

As I write using Welsh and some French, I was looking for & finally found the Character Map in Scrivener.

All working fine with circumflexes and accent graves in my chosen font, Palatino Linotype.

But when I tried to copy and paste the checkmark in the (@&#! Word) Wingdings font into Scrivener text, instead I get the symbols for Sagittarius & Virgo plus a rectangle.

Help, please?

Thank you.

Hmm, I get the same thing. All of the wingdings look messed up.

Well, at any rate, I would recommend using the Unicode checkmarks instead. Those are going to be more portable than font-based glyphs anyway. Select something like Arial Unicode MS, and search for “Check” (capitalisation is important) in the advanced view. There is one in a box; a regular one; and a bold one.

I’m looking into this–I think it’s just the characters that are essentially made up of two characters? That is, once you’ve gone through all the ones you can do by typing letters and numbers on the keyboard, you run into ones whose Unicode causes them to appear as two individual characters in Scrivener.