Character Photos

Okay, potential Dumb Question of the Day (I’ll admit it up front!)

I’ve been using Scrivener since I switched all my personal stuff to Apple, around three years ago, and frankly won’t touch any other writing program.

For business reasons, I am looking into at least one, maybe two, Linux machines, mainly for travel. I’ve been experimenting with Scrivener for Linux, and am overall very pleased… with one minor caveat. The photos I put into the Mac Scrivener file fit perfectly, align properly, etc., in the Inspector on the Mac. I realize S. for Linux is still Beta, but when I pull up a file in the Linux machine, the photos in Inspector are either huge or too small. I realize this has a lot to do with the actual size of the photo to start with, but am I missing some way to adjust them? Is there a ‘standard size’ for Scrivener? A format that works best? (I prefer JPG, due to size, but can switch to whatever works without an issue.)

My page looks like this:


Inspector is where I keep character photos, location pictures, etc.

Any guidance/suggestions/ideas/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.