Character Role Icons?

Would be nice if there were more icons for Character entities, currently there is only a mask icon I think. Would be nice if one could have icons for roles such as Protagonist, Antagonist, Tempter, Sidekick, Mentor, Love Interest, etc. Anyway just a suggestion.

The icons on the Binder are also kind of small.

Am I allowed to 2nd this?? Also, the larger icons part. Helps old eyes.

I don’t know about larger… but click on a document, and then go to Documents > Change Icon . In the menu on Mac, there’s an “Icon from text…” sub- item, for using emoji as icons (new with v3). There’s also a "Manage custom icons… " item that lets you import .png files, and probably also .jpg files (though I haven’t tried .jpg) to use as icons. That was in Scrivener 2 as well. There are lots of third-party custom icons, many of them linked down in the “Using Scrivener” forum, that you can import in the Manage Custom Icons dialog.

Of course, not having a Windows machine I can’t tell if these features are in the Windows Beta yet, :smiley:

As far as the built-in icons go, there hasn’t been a lot of change from Scriv 2 Mac to Scriv 3 Mac. There are a few more book icon colours, I think, to go with some more colours that were added to the icon set on iOS. But it can’t hurt to ask… :smiley:

What Silverdragon said. You can go to town with whatever custom icons you want.

But also, I am trying to imagine what use icons for Love Interest and Temptor would be in the Binder. I guess I can imagine using such an icon for a character profile document, but really that is it. Not really that useful, imho.