Character Roles

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dont know if its the precise description for it. I have already written a book and want to change it into an Movie Script. So it would be nice to have scenes, roles, locations etc. like in FD or CeltX for example. Hope i get it right - my english ist not that good. Are there any thoughts to include features like this in the near future?

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Lothar from Germany

It sounds like you want to access the general scriptwriting mode in Scrivener. If so, all you really need to do to write a screenplay is either use one of the provided starting templates for scriptwriting, or in any project, select a document you wish to format for script, and press Cmd-8 or select Format/Scriptwriting/Script Mode from the menu.

Definitely skim through the first two sections of Chapter 20 in the user manual. They describe how to use the interface in script mode, as well as how to set up Scrivener in page view mode so that you can get a feel for pacing as you write.

Otherwise, you should find the interface to be familiar. Much of it will feel like Final Draft in how you work with formats while writing. Enter/Tab will take you to the next appropriate element type and there are many auto-completion phrases built into the standard script modes which you’ll find convenient for oft-repeated notations, such as (V.O.) and “MOMENTS LATER”.

Given the way Scrivener can operate in both modes at once (the script feature is something you set for each individual document), you’d probably do very well to import your book project into the screenplay project so that you can keep it open in a split as you adapt it.


Yes, exactly what Ioa said. If I understand you correctly, then you just need scriptwriting mode. You could even have the text of your book open in one pane and a script document open in the other, so that you can write the script while referring to the book.

Of course, you may find it difficult to type given your recent transformation. :slight_smile:

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I read the OP twice and was wondering what on Earth you were talking about. When I realised, it really bugged me that it took so long. :unamused: