Character Search

I would like to keep a searchable list of what character was in what scene, so that, later, I can look at all the scenes of one character, see how many scenes a particular character is in and so on.

Is there a feature for this or do I use one of the other features? I thought, perhaps, I could make each character a keyword or create a custom meta-data table called Characters.

What is your advice on this?

Warmest regards

Keywords are very good for this. Don’t put any spaces in their names however; if you want to search for scenes with two or more characters, a space in a keyword makes it difficult. For example, if you wanted to search for the keywords “Martha Jones” and “Amy Pond”, but there was also a keyword for “John Jones”, a search for keywords, where you enter “Martha Jones Amy Pond” would turn up every all three characters (because of the common string “Jones”).

So link all parts of the character’s name together_with_underscores, or run the NamePartsTogether, whichever you prefer.