Character/Setting Sketch


I’d like to make my own Character and Setting templates so i can re-use them in the format i prefer. Is this possible? and if it is will i then be able to add->New from Template -> Mightyjock Character sketch and add my own version as i would the existing one?

Grateful for help - great software!!


Hi Jock,

Thanks for the kind words! Yes, this is entirely possible - in fact, this is really the intention; the existing character and setting sketch sheets are really just there as an example. If you are working from the Novel template, you can just open up the “Templates” folder (the blue icon with the white “T” on it) and edit the character and setting sketches. You could also place other template sheets in here. Basically, New From Template is populated with documents in the “Templates” folder, and then, when you choose something from “New From Template”, it just takes the document from the “Templates” folder, makes a copy, and places it at the correct location.

If you were starting from a blank project, you would just create a template character and setting sketch sheet, or other template documents, and place them in a folder. You would then select that folder and go to Project > Set Select As Templates Folder. This tells Scrivener to use the contents of that folder in the New From Template menu, and that folder will then be given the special icon. I have just set this up already in the Novel template.

I hope that makes sense, but if not, let me know.

All the best,