Character Sheets?

New to this so bear with me. Are the Character Sheets used in the Tutorial available for every project? How do I import them into one of my projects rather than making new ones each time?

Hi, and welcome to Scrivener!

Some of the different project templates like Novel and Short Story contain character sheets (although not identical to the example in the Interactive Tutorial), so if you create your project using one of those templates they will automatically be included and you can then modify them as you like. But you can also easily just drag and drop items from one project’s binder to another, so if you like you can open your project and the Tutorial project side by side and then just drag the character sheet over.

If you don’t like the default templates included and just want to create a new basic one that will also include the character sheet, you can follow the instructions in §7.6.2 of the User Manual to create your own new project template to use for future projects.

I hope that helps!


There are character sheets in the novel template, but the main thing to understand is that character sheers are really just regular text documents, and the project templates were all built from the “Blank” template. Here’s how I created them and how you can too (bear in mind that if you want to use the character sheet provided in the templates as-is, you can just drag them into other projects);

  1. I created a folder called “Templates”. You can put this wherever you want, but I put it at the same level as the Research and Draft folders. This is just a regular folder, and you can call it anything you want and place it anywhere you want.

  2. I selected the “Templates” and went to Project > Set Selection as Templates Folder. The icon of the “Templates” folder will change to a white “T” on a blueprint background, indicating that this folder is now the templates folder for the project. Any documents stored inside this folder will now be available in the Project > New From Template menu There are no limits to what documents you can put in here - they can have any text in them you want, but obviously you want to place documents in here that you will use as the basis for creating other documents in the project. When you use New From Template, Scrivener just makes a copy of the document selected from the Templates folder and places it at the current selection location.

  3. I then created a “Character Sheet” document inside the “Templates” folder. This started off as a regular text document. I just added all the information I wanted in there for creating character sheets and formatted how I wanted. I also set the index card in the inspector to show an image instead of the synopsis, which you can do by clicking on the index card icon in the top-right of the header bar above the index card area in the inspector - a little menu will appear from which you can choose an image icon, turning the synopsis area into an image area into which you can drag pictures (e.g. a character image).

  4. I ctrl-clicked on the “Character Sheet” document and navigated to “Change Icon” in the contextual menu. From there, I chose an icon for my character sheet.

You can use this process to set up any kind of template you want for any sort of project - it’s useful if you work on projects for which you find yourself needing to start from the same skeletal information for many documents.

As I say, if you want to use the standard character sheet, you can just use the novel template or drag it from a project created from the novel template into your own project, and add it to a templates folder in your own project.

Hope that helps!

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