Character size won't stick to empty line

Here’s a tiny one…

If you change the character size for an empty line (linefeed only) it will initially work, but once you’ve clicked to another page and then come back, you will notice that the line as returned to its original size.

(If you put a space character in the line, resizing will actually stick.)

I’m not sure what the official line on this one will be, but the behaviour you are describing is pretty typical for rich text applications. Reason being, if you don’t flush out the unused formatting code on a regular basis, the underlying file can get very messy and ultimately might produce odd behaviour. So most text editors will wipe out formatting if you leave the line without any data in it, as it really has no good way to differentiate between that, and accidental empty bold markers and stuff scattered elsewhere.

Well, there are mainly two reasons why I consider this a bug - first of all, it works in the Mac version, and secondly, if it doesn’t work in Windows, I’d expect it to fail, and not to initially work, but then be reversed behind your back. (To me, the reversal is actually pretty unique - haven’t noticed it in any writing application so far. :wink: ) Also, the lines I have been wrestling with aren’t standard height anyway - after conversion from Mac to Windows, they’ve been blown up to 44 pixels, so it seems like the blank lines do contain formatting code (which I am, in fact, trying to wipe out - but can’t).

UPDATE: Actually, it is breaking the original formatting from the Mac version. I used to have the number of the chapter, followed by two empty lines, and then the text. For some reason, the windows version has decided that those two empty lines should be 44 pixels rather than the usual ten. Setting them back to 10 won’t stick, so I’ll have to go through the entire book and replace all those sections. I can live with it, but in my book (no pun intended) this is definitely a bug.