Character sketch: entries right aligned

Even though the toolbar shows left-align is set, typing into the areas alongside the labels becomes right-aligned and thus overwrites the label!

Explanation, please.

I’ve just noticed that the toolbar alignments relate to the layout and not the text entries. Whichever layout alignment I choose, the entry moves to the left, overwriting the label. This is a bug, or am I the only one who has this problem?

Did some more digging and found that the problem is related to tabs. Depending on which label you decide to add text to, the cursor placement determines whether it’s left- or right-aligned. The workaround is to use the Tab key when it doesn’t behave.

This needs attention, in my view.

The character and setting documents use tabs for the layout and alignment, so it sounds like you’re placing the insertion point too far to the left before typing, thus ending up to the left of the tab stop for the labels. Displaying the ruler in the editor (Format > Show Ruler) may make the setup clearer; you could also use Format > Options > Show Invisibles to further see how everything is laid out. Clicking into the blank area further to the right of each label, rather than trying to place the insertion point immediately after the label, will usually position the insertion point correctly so your text will go where it ought to. You can of course also tweak the tab and indentation settings in the template documents as you wish; the entire thing is customisable, so don’t feel you need to use what’s there if it’s not helpful to you!

I just started typing where the cursor placed itself. I definitely need to use the features you mention. I’ll also create my own templates as well.

Thanks for the explanation, MM.