Character Sketch Template alignment/formatting issue


I just opened up a new character sketch template, and in some of the fields, the type moves to the left as I write instead of going to the right. In those lines, what I’m writing ends up going over
the prompt text so that it’s all jumbled. It’s also just in some of the fields and not all of them.

The text is showing up as left-aligned, not right, so I’m not sure why it would go that way.

Is there a way to fix this in this beta version? I’m happy just creating a different template and working from that, but I figured I’d ask first. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Marci Babula

Perhaps I spoke too soon - if I hit “tab” to get all of the fields aligned down the page, the issue seems to correct itself.

Do you think this will be corrected in the new beta version?

Thanks again!


Hi Marci,

It has to do with the tab stops that are set up for the template; although the text is left aligned, the tab stop is a right tab stop, so it marks the right edge of the text. The fact that it’s overlapping the other text already on the line is unusual, granted. :wink: This is all on the list for things to fix, since with the current set up it’s quite easy to accidentally click in the wrong part of the line and have the text go the wrong way; I can’t promise it will be corrected for the next update, since all the templates need to get overhauled once some other aspects of the program are more settled, but I’ll look into it. In the meanwhile, you can set it right by clicking further into the line (turn on the ruler to see the tab stops, if it’s not visible already–Ctrl-R will do it) or by hitting tab, as you’re doing, to jump over to the appropriate start point.