Character sketch template is blank.

So I was watching tutorials about scrivener and it talked about using the Character sketch template to define your characters. There were several videos I watched that had the same character sketch so I figured it was part of the program. However when I look at the character sketch template on MY program the template is completely blank. Is this supposed to happen? I don’t really want to make my own template if I can just use the one provided for me by scrivener.

Some of the project templates include a character and scene sketch, which should have starter text in them so you can copy the document (via New from Template) and fill it out for your different characters. If the template is blank in your project, it sounds like it either was accidentally edited or it wasn’t created properly when you made the new project. Try making a new project with the “Novel” or “Short Story” template. Those both have the templates, and you can just drag and drop the documents from the new project’s binder into your current project to copy them.