Character sketch templates


I use Scrivener for both novel and UK stage projects. In the former there are templates in which details of characters–age, physical descriptions, goals etc–can be entered.

But these templates aren’t available in the UK stage play project. Or am I missing something? Apart from the templates, obviously :smiley:

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Project templates (e.g. UK Stage Play) are only standard blank projects with some configurations already made for you—there’s nothing magic about any of them and you can transform any template into any other just by changing a few settings.

For your case, that means that you can simply open your novel project and your stage play project side by side and drag the character sheet template from its folder in the novel to the same place in the binder in the stage play.

Make sure that you have a folder in the Stage play project set up to be the designated document Templates folder (it will have a T in the icon – it should be set up by default, I think) and that should be that.

That will solve your immediate problem, but it will only change this stage play project. If you want all your new stage play projects to include the character sketches by default in future, then you need to amend the Stage Play Project Template itself. This is easy enough:

  1. Create a new Stage Play project – doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s only going to be temporary, so ‘untitled’ will do fine.

  2. Make any changes which you’ll want to see in every new stage play (e.g. if you have labels, statuses or keywords etc set up in a certain way). Drag the character template etc over as before.

  3. Once you’re happy, Choose File > Save as Template. After a dialogue box asking if you’re happy to save your details, you’ll get the New Project Template dialogue. Fill it in, giving your new template an appropriate name and choosing the right category for it to appear in (you’ll want Scriptwriting).

That’s basically it. Next time you create a new stage play you’ll be able to choose the My New Stage Play template complete with Character sheets…

Hope this helps…


That’s really helpful and thanks so much for the explicit instructions :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!