Character styles + Keyboard Maestro

Update: I had to change the trigger to TWO returns, not one, or I couldn’t use enter in Compile dialogs.

This is to share a workflow I’ve developed recently. I’m using a character style which, in the Editor looks like what you see in the following image. I’ve activated a box highlight for the style called “Babel”. I’m using it for dialog that travels from a person’s brain to a “brain modem”, then across a futuristic (2099) descendant of the world wide web to another person. I don’t want to explain or even mention Babel every time a character uses it, so I intend to mark that dialog distinctively in some other way, TBD, in Compile. At the moment I enclose it between (* and n *), where the latter space is non-breaking, but a better system may someday come to mind.

Also notice the Keyboard Maestro palette to the right, but I won’t go into that for now other than to mention that it includes all my character styles (and I don’t use paragraph styles).

Stay tuned for more, after the image.

When I hit enter after a Babel style, I found the Editor did not revert to “No style” and the box highlights included , which I did not like. Paragraph styles default to “No style” in the next paragraph, but character styles don’t, and there’s no way to set a “next style” for them.

I thought about complaining on the forum, but then I realized I could create a simple solution in Keyboard Maestro. The next image shows the macro. It’s activated (if Scrivener is open) whenever I touch the Return key twice, and what it does is :

  1. delete the trigger returns
  2. apply “No style”
  3. type a new return

Problem solved. (I think.)