Character Template Bug (Scrivener Ver.: - 14 Nov 2019 Win)

Within my Research Folder, is a Template Folder. Within that, are two template text documents. These documents work correctly when I select “New from Template” and select one of them.

HOWEVER, if I instead try to simply insert a new (blank) text document in my Draft folder (say, by using the big green “+” button, or the Text Document button at the bottom of the binder, I get a starting text document that is based upon the first text document template that I ever created in this Project, one in fact that no longer exists within the Binder at all. Oddly too, this happens for new text documents in the Draft Folder but not new text documents in the Research folder.

As an aside, it seems to me that all the development effort of L&L is focused on the Mac versions of Scrivener. I understand how that could happen if most of your revenue is from that platform, but please, once in a while, throw some love towards us “poor cousin” users on WIndows, Thanks.

Just go and look at the Beta of Windows v. 3, now in release candidate stage!