Character Template Trouble

I am just getting started with Scrivener, so please excuse what is probably a stupid question. I went into templates and filled out a character sketch. However, when I went to fill in a second character sketch I could not get a new template to come up. When I went to duplicate it it came up with the information filled in from my first character template. No matter what I try this ends up being the result. If someone could explain to me how to get a fresh character template page to complete I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


Did you read the information about how to use the novel template provided at the top of the binder? It sounds as though you didn’t. :slight_smile: It sounds as though you have gone and edited the actual template. The files inside the “Templates” folder are the templates. Anything placed in that folder is available via Project > New From Template. You should not edit the files inside the “Templates” folder directly unless you want to change the template questions (which is fine). Instead, you go to Project > New From Template > Character Sheet to create a clean duplicate.

To fix things, just move the edited character template out of the Templates folder and into the “Characters” folder, then create a new novel project and drag the clean character sheet from the binder of the new project into the Templates folder of your existing project. (Then you can delete the second project you just made.)

Essentially, the Templates folder allows you to user any other document as a template for new documents.

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Thank you for your help. I actually had read the information but thought I had to open the template first, then do what you said. Anyway, now I know how to do it. Thanks for your quick reply.

Hi there, I have a similar question regarding Character Sketch. I see the character sketch template when I use the Novel template for my project, but what if I started a Blank project? I don’t see any template folders. Is there any way to insert the Character Sketch or Setting Sketch template? Thank you!


Hi Peter,

Yes, absolutely - we really need a video tutorial or written tutorial somewhere showing how to go about setting up your own template projects, because all of the templates provided started out as a blank project and I just added everything to them and then saved them as templates.

All you need to do is create a new folder somewhere, maybe underneath the Research folder, but it can go anywhere really (although I don’t advise placing it in the Draft folder). Call the folder “Templates” (although it can be called anything), select it, and then go to Project > Set Selection as Templates Folder. It’s icon will change to a blueprint with a white “T” on it. Now, anything placed inside that folder can be used as a basis for creating new documents from Project > New From Template. The New From Template menu just lists documents inside the templates folder, and when you choose to create a new document from a template, it copies the document from the templates folder to the location you wanted the new document to go.

So, all you then need to do is add a character sheet to the templates folder. You can create your own, or you can drag one in from the binder of a project created from the novel template.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Keith, thanks for the quick reply!

Maybe because I have the Windows version? When I click on “Project” tab, I don’t see the option of “Set Selection as Template Folder” or “New from Template”? On the Windows version, here are the options under “Project”:

New Text
New Folder
Add Collection
Remove Collection
Project Target
Project Statistics
Text Statistics
Meta Data Settings
Auto Complete List
Show Project Keyward
Empty Trash

And that’s it. Which option should I pick? Or maybe it’s under different tab?

Thanks again,

Hi Peter,

Ah, yes, that’s not possible yet in the Windows version - you’re in the Mac support area so I assumed you were on the Mac. You can still drag the character template file from the binder of a novel project into the binder of a blank project though.

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