characters in the binder

I was thinking… a way to know directly in the binder, next of each file, a way to simply know wich characters appears in it.

Maybe it’s already a feature that i dont know ?

(i am a windows user)

Our intention is to keep the Binder as clear as possible of extraneous information, and keeping it a clean and easy to use tool. One of the main reasons for this decision is the presence of an existing complex outline tool in the main editor. Outliner view mode can show as many columns as you want. Now as for tracking characters, you may not be able to do that yet. We have on our list of things to do, adding a Keywords column to the outliner. That will probably help the most in showing which characters are involved in the scene. We’ll also be adding custom columns you can type whatever you want into. Some people like to track characters that way. Visual display of them in a table aside, there are plenty of strategies for tracking characters. I suggest perusing the usage and tips forums for ideas.


thanks for the answear.

In fact, i do not realy use the outliner and edit my text at the same time, so for me, it would be easier to have the character directly on the left of my page (in the binder so).

And i understand the intention of having a clear binder but… it would be better for me to choose, like in the outliner, to add the ‘column characters’ columns into the binder or not, if i prefer having it clear. But you know… just a personal wish =)