Character's name, Locations, Items etc Database

I try to write a comic book script (in Greek language) so my problem is that when everytime i want to write a dialogue i need to write the name of the character and this is really tiring. If somebody used Celtx you will understand that when you write a character’s name once it will be auto completed next time that you type the first letter of Character’s name. In additional in Celtx you can create a database for Character’s name, Locations, Items etc and you give details and descriptions about those objects (for example Character’s bio, Full name, Description, how tall is, etc) I hope that you understand me cause my English isn’t perfect.

Thank you very much

Well . . . I am on a linux system but on there I have a program called Parcellite. What it is, is a clipboard manager. I can have 20 or 30 things on my clipboard and they show up as a list. I just pick the one I want.

Try it out.

In Windows you would obviously use a different clipboard manager, but they literally ALL do the same job.


PS, No. It isn’t a perfect answer. But it DOES get you back to writing faster.

For being able to enter shortened simple versions of names and have that text be automatically replaced while typing, see the Substutions feature. See … io#p176452. There may be other solutions.

As far as a database of characters, use the existing or create a new characters folder (in Research I think). Add each character as a document in that folder. There may already be a character document template… not sure how that works. A search of these forums (search field in upper right corner) on “character template” should turn up some discussion.

P.S. Just noticed that there is also a Project > Auto-Complete List option.

That’s interesting. I’ve just tried it, but it doesn’t work as expected.’

I added a character name, “Marbecka,” to that list, and expected that when I typed “Mar” it would auto-complete. It doesn’t.

What am I missing?

Here’s what the manual says:

With character substitutions, you can set which characters will be replaced as you type.
Scrivener uses a combination of built-in enhancements, plus a customisable substitution
engine. These can all be set in the Auto-Correction options tab (section B.6). Each option
is documented more fully, there.

These adjustments always happen automatically as you type, but some require you to
terminate the word you are typing in, before they will take action.

TromboneAl, I am looking for solutions to a different problem and noticed your question hadn’t been answered since last August (!) so I thought I’d give you a hand.
There are a few steps to using Auto-Complete. One is to make the auto-complete list (which you found). The next is to turn Auto-complete on in Tools > Options >Corrections and in the middle right under ‘Word Auto Completion’ (which is misleading because it also works for phrases), make sure ‘Suggest completions as you type’ is CHECKED and ‘In script mode only’ is UNchecked. Supposedly Alt-= will always bring up the auto-completion menu no matter what you have this set to, but I can’t get that to work, hence my search. But the rest works. :slight_smile: