Characters & Place Names - Importing and Organizing

I successfully imported my project from SuperNoteCard yesterday, with the only glitch that a small number of Chinese characters were erased.

I have about seventy characters with descriptions and would like to know if there is an easy way to import them. I exported from SNC, so they are all in one long rtf document. I also have a large number of place names, some with descriptions, and would like to import them as well.

There’s a lot of discussion on organizing characters, with the rule being whatever works best for you. Is there some advice that can be given on ways to organize a large number of characters that makes them easy to find?


When you import docs or rtfs containing Chinese characters, the Chinese only seems to disappear. In fact it’s still there. To display it all you have to do is use “Document : Convert : Formatting to Default Text Style” and they will appear. Mind you, I still have my default format set with Optima and the Chinese comes out in Hei, though I would prefer STSong as a font.

I’m not sure what the underlying problem is, but the texts I import have come from Chinese Word for Windows, which uses Song as its default font. Song won’t work under Tiger or Leopard – STSong is there instead – so I wonder if the absence of the Song font is the reason for the non-display. But I don’t know anything at all SuperNoteCard.

I take it that the “characters” you are referring to here are the protagonists within your story. I’ll leave it to others who know a lot more about that to take you up on that one.


I appreciate the response about the Chinese characters. I’ll check that out. And yes, the “characters” refers to those in the story. They are Chinese, but not Chinese characters, lol.

With that number of characters and places, sounds like you’re doing a latter-day version of 红楼梦 or 水浒传!