Characters/Research Docs all included in Compile ?


On 2nd project: I just noticed that all of the character documents I create inside the Character folder are ticked as “Compile” in the Inspector/Notes/General section. Is this normal ? and why ?

Just in case you want to drag them into the Draft folder. It might otherwise be confusing if you did that and they didn’t compile—especially if you didn’t know about the checkbox.

But by being ticked does that not cause them to be included in every compiled output ? and every word count ?

With only one niche exception, nothing gets included in the compiler Contents list (and thus Project Statistics) unless it is in the Draft folder. That is one of the central concepts of the software: that you compose in the Draft folder and everything outside of that is supporting material. Supporting material, however, may be for example an alternate narrative you want to experiment with—an easy way to handle something like that is to drag the alternate into the Draft and the current version out. These checkboxes let you maintain the inclusion states for the items in that chapter (especially useful for those that keep revisions and chapter notes in the Draft, with that checkbox off).