Characters: Switching between synopsis and other views

I am having a problem with Characters. I switched from synopsis view in the Editor to a view with “Character Name” at top along with some info fields. Now I can’t change it back to synopsis view. It appears to be a one-way change, once done cannot be undone. I switched to several different documents and altered my document history so I can’t just go backwards and get synopsis view back. I could click on Characters and see all the index cards in synopsis view. But I’m talking about individual characters synopsis view. Is there any way to change the view back to synopsis view for individual characters?

Outside of the Corkboard view, what you refer to when you mention clicking on the “Characters” folder, there is nothing that I would describe as being a “synopsis view”, especially that would occupy the main editor. There is available in the Inspector sidebar an “index card” for the item you’re editing, but that’s a sidebar, it won’t replace the main text.