Check and uncheck Compile doesn't update word count

Mac High Sierra.
Scrivener 3.

This may be more of a feature shortcoming than a bug but I thought I’d mention it.
When I create a new document and uncheck compile. Then start typing, I find the word count under Project->Writing Summary Other begins increasing as expected. But when I check the Compile checkbox the word total under Other should be 0 and the word count total added to draft. It isn’t. Ideally this would update to reflect the change to Compile status in terms of the word count categories.

Create new doc.
Compile unchecked. type 4 words. Under Writing Summary Draft = 0. Other =4. Total=4.
Compile checked. Draft = 0. Other = 4. Total =4.

Type 4 words.
Draft = 4. Other = 4. Total = 8.

This isn’t a bug but expected behaviour. Scrivener cannot record where each word came from, so once you’ve typed something, it is logged into either “Draft” or “Other”. If you change whether the document is part of the Draft or not, that will not change the existing word count. To have it work that way would involve Scrivener keeping an infinite table for every word you write against the document it was written in.

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