Check Box in ListStyle

I’m trying to create a doc that has several items in a list. Instead of bullets or outline numbers or such from a font menu, I would prefer an open box that when I click on it adds a check to the box. I’ve searched the manual and looked at obvious places in the program interface, but I don’t see such an option. If it isn’t there already, it would be nice to have it added.


Do you mean an interactive checkbox, such as in VoodooPad? It’s certainly a possibility, at least on the Mac—I have no idea if it would be possible for Windows. Meanwhile I typically just use bullets for to-do lists, and overstrike (Shift-Cmd-Hyphen) to mark items as done. It’s not as fancy looking, but it works as well as a pencil and paper list. :slight_smile:

Another thing I do is break out my to-do lists into the outliner itself. This is better for larger items. A practical example is when I need to do a large user manual revision prior to a update to the software. I’ll create an outliner entry in a “To Do” folder for each feature, and then within that I will have my smaller lists that I use overstriking on. For the main item itself, I mark it done using the Status meta-data field. So in effect, I use the best tool for the job here. I can create to-do items anywhere in my Binder by just marking them as “To Do” with their Status, and build a search that collections them from all over the project. So it’s a good, contextually relevant and fairly powerful approach (while no means meant to replace a proper productivity tool, Scrivener’s flexibility means you can do some pretty sophisticated stuff if you want) to handling checklists in Scrivener. But like I say, for simple procedural lists, I prefer just knocking out a few bullets and then striking them out when I’m done.