Check Dropbox On Project Open

Why does the iOS Scrivener have a setting that says Check Dropbox On Project Open? It seems like a waste of time since when it checks for changes it does not detect fully synced changes made on the Mac? Am I missing something? I’m not above user error, but this issue stalks me.

It checks if the project on the Dropbox server is different from the one it has internally before opening the project.
What has happened to make you ask the question?

If iOS Scrivener is not detecting fully synched changes from the Mac, then something is wrong.

Impossible to say what without more information, but a troubleshooting guide can be found here: … os-syncing


It doesn’t detect any changes whatsoever like it used to. It doesn’t give me the option of Sync Later or Sync Now. It spins the wheel and stops as if nothing changed on my fully synced Mac, when it has.

Thank you. I’ve read everything L & L support has suggested. But I’ll be happy to do it again.

Make sure Dropbox on the Mac is actually running. There’ve been a number of cases where Mac OS updates silently disabled startup items, including Dropbox.


Thanks. Will do. In my case, it is running. I have learned I have take time out of my day to make sure everything with Scrivener and Dropbox are working before I open Scrivener for iOS. Once I’m satisfied that the Mac and Dropbox have played well together. I open the iPad and/or iPhone. Sometimes one or the other detects the change and asks Sync Later or Sync Now. Sometimes neither. Sometimes, on a really good day, both do. This is all happened since the release of v3. I never had these problems before. Using Scrivener with iOS has become a complete waste of precious time that I don’t have to throw away. I’m to the point that Scrivener is just a Mac application only. It will be a viable app on iOS someday, but not now. I’ve read what others have written about this and it appears I’m not alone. If I’m missing something I’m open to hearing it.

As I said before, I’ve read what L & L has given me.I’m no stranger to technology. I’ve been using Scrivener since v1. To stop my frustration Scrivener for iOS either needs to be updated so it works properly or I’ll delete it on my iOS devices and call it a day.

When I quit posting and asking for help I will have given up on Scrivener and moved on to another application.

Have you opened a ticket with support so that they can be directly working with you, your logs, your data, your traces, to figure out what is going on? They have additional measures that we, your fellow customers in the forums, don’t have available – and if you want to give L&L the best chance to figure out if there is a problem and fix it, they’re the ones with the direct line to dev.

Additional troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure that ordinary files – not Scrivener projects – will correctly synchronize from the Mac <-> Dropbox <-> the iOS device.

  • If that works, create a test project, and inspect it at each step along the way, including on the Dropbox server.

  • Given the sometimes works/sometimes doesn’t nature of the problem, you might also want to look at your internet connectivity, particularly for the iOS devices.

And, as devinganger said, submit a support ticket. It is very difficult to do detailed troubleshooting via forum thread.


Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have an open ticket. It is my second ticket on the same issue. They are working on it. I’m hoping to find help anywhere I can.

Thanks. I do have an open ticket and they are making suggestions at this time. If I can shorten the wait for a solution that’s best. That’s why I reach out. I’m a pragmatic kind of guy. I don’t care where the help comes from.