Check for Updates ... Connection refused.

When I select the “Check for Updates” command from the Help menu, I get a little “Connection refused!” message. It’s possible that this is some temporary problem on the Scrivener server end, but I suspect it’s because I’m running Scrivener for Windows on the computer at my university office, and there is probably some proxy server between me at the online update checking which is not configured. I do have to configure a proxy server connection in various other applications; thus my suspicion in the Scrivener case. However, I cannot find anything in Scrivener’s Options that would seem to let me configure a proxy server (not that Scrivener would normally need such a thing for anything else, I suppose!).

So: How likely is my diagnosis that a proxy server problem lies behind my “connection refused” message? And is there some way of configuring around this problem in the current interface?

(By comparing my current installed version with the online indication of the most recent version, I can see that I am actually up-to-date – but presumably some day I won’t be! :wink: )

So long as the website is up, there shouldn’t be issues with connecting to the update information. I’m pretty sure this just goes through port 80, and so shouldn’t cause any proxy issues, though I might be wrong about that. Can you import web pages into the binder (using one of the full importers, not the dynamic web option which just passes through an IE browser window)? Try importing our homepage and see if that works.

Trying to import the Scrivener home page actually didn’t work. I got a message with the text:


So, for the moment, I’m still sticking with the theory that some kind of security/proxy thingygummy is getting between Scrivener on my desktop and the Web.

Yeah, that’s what it looks like. Especially if you can view our page in a browser (which you must be able to, since you are here!). Not to worry, we always announce major updates, and downloading the .exe and installing over your current copy is only a slightly less convenient way of updating.

Just to confirm, this is almost certainly to do with the proxy setup and is a known issue; it’s something the developer is looking into, since we’d like to allow a way for the user to configure the set up to work around this problem is possible, but it’s probably going to be a while before he’s able to get anything in place for that. So for now, as Ioa said, you’ll need to just keep an eye on the forum for news on the next update and download directly from there to install over your existing version; you could also sign up for the Windows newsletter for announcements on bigger update. (Since the proxy will probably block your attempt to sign up via the Scrivener interface, you can do so on the website here:

Fair enough! I’ll keep my eyes open for news on updates, and it’s good to know the issue is on the radar. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: