Check for updates "no active network connection"

I recently installed the Japanese IME keyboard setup for windows, as I am trying to learn Japanese. It took a little bit, but I got it working. My original problem was that when I switched the keyboard so that I could put in the Japanese syllable ka, then switched back to English, Scrivener started placing a couple of spaces after the quotation marks and apostrophe, making words like “You’ll” appear as “you’ ll”.

My first thought was to check to see if there was an update available, but when I clicked on “Check for Updates”, Scrivener came back with “No active network connection found”. My computer shows an active network connection, and other options in the help menu that use the internet work fine (Like the option to connect to the forums)

I wasn’t sure if this might have had something to do with installing the Microsoft Japanese IME keyboard, or if this is a known issue with this version.

I am on Windows 7, Scrivener version

Any help on this would be good, also, any info about the problem that lead me to this problem might be good.

Let me know if you need any additional info. Thanks, Lunarclipper.

Oh, forgot to mention, when I go to a new text file, the “adding extra spaces after quotation marks and apostrophes” problem is not present; though the problem remains in the document where I switched to the Japanese IME keyboard and back to the US English keyboard.

See the last bullet under 1.2.3: … geList.php

So, I would have to down load 1.2.3 from the site. Do I have to do a clean install, or will it install over the older version without a problem?

I’d do a clean install just to be safe.

Ok. I was looking for my license number (registration key? whatever the correct term is here) so that I could record it in case the re-install causes a problem. I can’t seem to find it, where would I look?

You should’ve gotten it as an email…otherwise contact

So there is no place in the software that displays the license? I thought there was one, but I have looked under the help menu and don’t see one. I will have to go back through my emails.

It’s not available from the program once you’ve registered, but there’s a link from our support page for you to retrieve the information from eSellerate (our third-party seller) and we can likewise always look it up for you if you’re unable to find it.