Check out the new MacUpdate bundle

Description at Mac App Deals
The MacUpdate bundle page (there’s a flash movie describing the bundle)

For 49.99 USD you can get:
Default Folder X
Art Text + Fonts
Swift Publisher

Keep in mind that:
…some of these apps might have pro versions, so check if this deal is really what you need before spending your hard-earned $$$. For instance, I own DEVONthink Pro Office, which I suspect is not the version offered here.
…some of you may already be using alternatives, such as TextExpander instead of Typinator. Or RapidWeaver instead of Flux.

I personally use the following: DEVONthink (the pro office version), 1Password, Default Folder X. And I considered buying Flux (109 USD !) and MacFamilyTree. I heard people here use Typinator (I use an alternative, TextExpander). I don’t know the rest of the bundle’s apps - Interarchy, Swift Publisher, Art Text + Fonts, and Chronoroes.

But still, this is (at least, seemingly) one of the better deals I’ve cast my eyes upon recently. :wink:


It’s DEVONthink Personal.

I just bought them. I didn’t have any of the apps but been meaning to try out a few. Thanks for the heads-up.

1Password and Typinator alone will probably make the whole bundle worth it in my opinion. The stripped down version of DT would be nice for modest research collection needs, too. As for the rest, I’m not terribly familiar with any of them. Default Folder kind of looks interesting, functionally speaking. That interface is way out of control too big though for my taste. I wonder if it has options or themes.

The only one of them that interested me was 1Password, and the bundle cost doesn’t really make sense just for that one.

I have Swift Publisher, got much earlier in the hope that I could use it instead of InDesign CS1, as my layout needs are not that demanding, though at times currently more than NWP can do — floating text-boxes for instance — but found that it went haywire on more than about 6 pages. You can do all that I need more reliably in Pages, though I don’t find that as intuitive as NWP … so roll on text-boxes in NWP.


Interarchy is a first-rate FTP client. Flux is a young but serious contender to Dreamweaver. Both of these are not really for idle users, though, they’re rather industrial-strength. But since the bundle is one third the price of the two of them together, heh! Why not?


I have Chronories, almost by accident. I downloaded an early version, made a few suggestions, and found myself a beta tester. It’s quirky; if you’re accustomed to other journaling aps, you may wonder what the hell all the other stuff is for, but I like it.

It’s simple, once you get the hang of it, and sits quietly in the menu bar until wanted. Worth a look, if you’ve not already made a deep personal commitment to MacJournal.


Hi again :slight_smile:

Regarding Default Folder X:

Yup you can change the app’s look. There are 3 theme variations available.

For me, the best thing about Default Folder is that if you have a Finder window open in the background, you can just click over where it is, and the Open and Save dialogue box switches to that window. It used to frustrate me no end to try to save something, and then spend an age navigating to some folder that I could actually see open in the Finder behind the application I was using. With Default Folder you can go there with a single click. I’d buy it just for that!


I hear what you say but if you see that window it should not be too hard to grab the icon to the left of its title and drag and drop it to the open or save dialog. I used to navigate for ages opening folder after folder until I realized that a simple drag and drop saved me literally minutes.

Default Folder X may be another step up in convenience by my solution works for me and is free :wink:


Hey, you have the same wood panelling desktop background that I do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all those screenshots. The third one definitely looks better to me.

By the way, you could always drag items into a save dialogue in OS X vanilla—going all the way back 10.2 I believe. In the very earliest versions of Mac OS X, your statement was 100% accurate and extremely annoying. I can’t believe you’ve been living that way all these years. :slight_smile:

If you drag a folder in; that is where you’re session will be navigated to. If you drag a file in, it will also automatically set the target filename to be identical, so you can quickly overwrite.

I already have 1Password, DevonThink Pro, and TextExpander. So this doesn’t hold much interest for me. Now, if I had not already purchased these, then the bundle really does make sense.

Didn’t I say just that? But it can’t hurt to hear it twice and admittedly in better wording.

I had absolutely no idea that you could do that. Amazing what you can miss – but then I never used to frequent forums like this. And it has to be said that this one is easily the most useful I’ve ever come across. But perhaps my failure to learn this useful wrinkle may in part be due to the fact that I originally worked on a PowerBook 180 in Word 5. Old dogs don’t always discover new tricks, and you adapt to working with a small screen. I came to OS X rather late, because I couldn’t afford to upgrade, so I guess I just carried on with what I knew. But Default Folder does have one useful trick, in that you don’t even have to be able to see the Finder window in order to summon it to your Open and Save dialogue – Default Folder will bring up a darkened area when you hover the pointer over where it is hidden behind all the other windows. Now don’t tell me you can also do that in OS X!

Many thanks for the information,

I’ll just add that support by Jon is excellent. When version 4 came out the thing I disliked was the interface. I suggested having alternatives and IIRC I used KeyCue as an example since it has a few themes. A couple of weeks later Default Folder gave users some theme variations.
I’ve used Default Folder for over 10 years. I got it originally in a bundle with BeHierarchic and AliasMenu, but those are now discontinued.

In addition to DEVONthink, someone might be interested to Nisus Writer Pro, discounted of 20 USD until the end of the year. You can just enter the “festivus10” coupon code when purchasing the app (together with a bibliography app, at the moment BibDesk).