Check Speelling as You Type

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scernario: I switch off the “Enable check spelling as you type in new projects” preference. Then I create a new project. At some point I decide that it was really a stupid idea to switch off spell checking and switch it on in the text I’m currently working on. Then I work on a different text or switch to full text mode or close the project and re-open it. Scrivener then has forgotten about my attempt to switch the spell check back on, even in the text where I re-enabled it. Is this intended to be that way or is there any way to revert my initial decision to globally switch spell checking off?



This one has been asked dozens of times - not sure if it’s in the FAQ. From the Help file (which exists nowhere other than on my hard disk, at the moment, as I’m in the painfully slow process of writing it):

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first of all: Sorry if that has been asked before. I searched the forums but wasn’t able to come up with an answer.

In any case, it seems I didn’t explain my problem properly. My problem is that even if I had switched on “Check spelling as you type” when I started a document, it is switched off when I return to the same document (the menu item in question is unchecked, while before it was checked). I don’t mind that the unerlines don’t appear but I don’t want to have to remember switching "“Check spelling as you type” back on each time I re-open a document. Mind you, this only happens if I have created the project with the global setting "“Enable check spelling as you type in new projects” switched on.

In any case this is not such a major issue, I just wanted to point that out before the end of the beta phase.



Hi albertsen, sorry I misunderstood your problem. However, I cannot recreate this. Hmm. Let me try to explain how this all works, just in case is sheds any light on it:

The setting in Preferences just affects new projects. If it is turned on, then new projects will have “check spelling as you type” turned on automatically. Otherwise, they will not.

Once a project has been created, this setting is controlled via Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling as You Type.

This setting should be remembered between launches of your project - and it is for me, so it should be for you.

Could you just try turning this on, then quiting the project, then reopening it again to see if the setting is still turned on (via Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling as You Type)?

You certainly should not have to change this setting every time you open a project, but given that I cannot recreate this problem, I hope you don’t mind doing a few more checks to try to track it down.


Hi Keith,

yes, I was able to reproduce the error. I dit it like this.

  • In preferences checked off “Enable check spelling as you type in new projects”
  • Closed Scrivener
  • Opened Scrivener
  • Created a new project
  • Typed in the Draft/Untitled document of the new project where “Check Spelling as You Type” is switched off as expected
  • Switched on “Check Spelling as You Type” in the Untitled doc
  • Closed Scrivener
  • Re-opened scrivener
  • Looked in the Untitled document “Check Spelling as You Type” was switched off.

I’m running Scrivener on a Mac Book Pro (Intel) with Mac OS X 10.4.8.

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Sorry, I still cannot reproduce this. I followed your instructions exactly, and spell checking is turned on for me when I return to the newly created project.

Can anyone else recreate this?

Perhaps this bug is OS version dependent or something? Anyway, never mind. It’s not a huge issue for me.

BTW, I started work on my novel with Scrivener. It’s great! In real life I’m a programmer (even with some experience in Cocoa), so I’d say I can guess how much effort you have put into this software. I sometimes toyed with the tought a writing such a program myself because I coudln’t quite find one that fit my needs. Until the day I discovered Scrivener. Keep up the good work!

Thanks. :slight_smile: And I will keep an eye out for this bug - maybe there are just some other obscure special circumstances under which it happens…