Check Spelling, Correct Grammar not working

I cannot get Check Spelling, Correct Grammar and Correct as you Type to work. They are checked in the Preference Pane. They were working, but stopped. I thew out the preferences and restarted the program, but no luck. Anyone have any ideas. I’m not sure what the problem is.

Turns out that Check Spelling While Typing in the Spelling and Grammar -> Edit menu overrides the preferences. Turning that on activates or deactivates the preferences.

Actually the way this works is that preference sets up the state for new projects. Existing projects will always remember the setting you’ve left it in. This is deliberate, as some projects may suffer marking overload if they are heavy on jargon. You’d want the engine off for them, but on for others.

That is not correct, for I click the other preferences on and off, and they change the current document.

I wasn’t talking about the other preferences, however, I was talking about “Check spelling as you type in new projects” and “Check grammar with spelling in new projects”. After a project is created, you have to use the Edit menu to toggle the behaviour of it for these preferences. There are other preferences like this, scattered around, and they will always state that it only changes things for new projects or documents, if it is applicable. If it doesn’t state that then the preference is immediate and global.