Checkboxes as list-item prefixes

It’s probably too late for B3, but it might be very nice to be able to prepend list items with checkboxes, in the manner of Macjournal.

This feature is located in the Castle Arrrrrrrrrgh!


I kind of liked this feature, too. I’ve seen it in several other Cocoa applications – might not be too difficult to add.

What I’ve been doing in Scrivener, with my checklists, is just been striking out text, which has a handy shortcut, Cmd-Opt-.

This won’t get added, sorry. :slight_smile: Support for bullets will be limited to what Apple implement - so if they add it for Leopard, you will be in luck, otherwise not. :frowning: This is a little out of Scrivener’s remit, to be honest. It makes sense in MacJournal which is specifically aimed at web-authoring, but given that the ultimate aim of Scrivener is text on paper (for most users), check boxes inside text don’t make much sense.
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EDIT: Note that these checkboxes are not supported via RTFD, either, which is how Scrivene stores its text inside packages; Cocoa apps that do custmomise to add this also have to use custom file formats.