Checking for updates without Projects

Hello All,

Scrivener for windows here.

Every time I want to check for updates, I have to open and existing project, or create a new one. While obviously, this means nothing as I simply create a new one or open an existing one, then check for the update and subsequently, delete the .scriv folder from windows.

My wish list is if you could make a check for updates button on the main NEW PROJECT screen, it’d be great… or am I missing something and it’s already built in?

Best Regards,

Zubin Garda

What are you referring to as checking for updates? Do you mean the folder sync feature? Because if so that is something specific to each project you create, so Scrivener needs the project open to check for changes to the files, it wouldn’t know which project you want to check if you’re in the main start window.

If you’re trying to just check for Scrivener program updates, you could set it to do this automatically when Scrivener launches, so you don’t need to manually access the menu. (You’ll need to access the menu once to do get to the Options to set this, but after that it should perform the check even while you’re sitting in the New Project window.)

Ah, yes and if that is what you mean, you can also sign up for the newsletter from the Help menu, under “Keep Up To Date”. It’s low volume, we mainly just announce whenever there is an update.

Moreover, if you’re on the Mac, you don’t need to create a new project, since on the Mac the menu appears at the top of the screen regardless of whether there is a project open or not (one of the fundamental differences between the Mac and Windows platform) - your profile indicates you are on a Mac, but if you are on Windows, obviously this doesn’t apply.