checklist for story events

I would like to keep a detailed checklist of the important events that must be covered in my novel. The checklist would look something like a table or spreadsheet and would include the following components:

  • A column of check boxes to tick when I complete an item
  • A column that lists each item that I need to cover in the book
  • A column that has enough space in each row for a brief explanation of where the event is in the novel
  • A column for miscellaneous information about the event

Ideally the checklist would be located in the binder of my Scrivener document (same one as novel). So it would serve partially as an outline, but even more as a way to make sure I include all of the important elements that must go into the story.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!!

Each item to be covered is a single Binder document.

The details are in the Synopsis.

The completion status is in the Status field.

Miscellaneous information is in the Document Notes.

You can view all of the above except Document Notes in both the Corkboard and the Outline view.