I would love to have a checklist that is attached to the whole project.
when I’m writing a scene and do something that influences other scenes, it would be great to stay with the current text and make a short note not to forget to get back to somewhere else.
and also I could check later without going to details if i have forgotten to rewrite something

thanks, z

Document notes? :slight_smile:

Project Notes! :smiley: The crown jewel inspector tool. Stays open no matter which editor is active or which documents are being edited. For me, it contains Scrivener links to active topics and frequently-consulted documents. And special characters ⌂ :smiling_face:, reminders, and rulers: one for paragraphed document content, one for table cells. Easy-on-the-eyes background color of (181 174 185).

I’m inordinately fond, as you may have guessed.

Yes, Project Notes, that is what I had in mind, my bad. :slight_smile:
Thanks JJSlote