Cheers to Scrivener!

Just have to comment on how much I’m really enjoying using Scrivener. I’m scripting a 130 page graphic novel that I’m working on as artist/writer and Scrivener is such an integral part of making this task smooth and letting me focus on just writing.

Love the auto numbering ( the <$N> thing for pages and <$SN> for panels). I’ve modified the Johnson comic scripting template (basically to make the output work better for my comic lettering app, Comic Life –, which imports a TXT or RTF file and allows for drag & drop for word balloons, captions and sound FX. Love that app, too!).

The sad thing is that I’ve already lettered the whole shebang in Manga Studio and got too frustrated and hamstrung by it’s inability to use even the basic features of OpenType fonts (I could go on, but that’s a topic for another forum). So I used Manga Studio’s ability to export text, which it did do, but the dialog and captions were in the order they were created and not in the sequence they are to be read. Any way I just imported the TXT file into my Scrivener project, massaged the text and created pages and am pretty much done (only have less than 25 pages to go!).

Then I imported all the image files of the graphic novel into Scrievener, for reference. It dealt with importing all 130+ images without a hitch.

The best, best thing is that I have my project work space in split mode, so on the left is the script and the right displays the exported graphic of the comic page so I can be sure that I’m getting the number of panels correct along with the order of the dialog/captions/sound fx.

There’s 136 graphics (4 pages for inside/outstide front and back covers and 2 pages for text/behind the scenes stuff) in the project and Scrivener is still awesomely fast and responsive. Saving takes a bit longer, so I use that time to prepare my mind for the next page.

Scrivener has not crashed once. No weird or funky behavior, even after hours of work.

There’s too few apps out that I feel like I got my money’s worth. Fewer still that I feel that the app was an investment. And then, there’s the rare ones that I just marvel at using and cannot believe it’s as good as it is and is my go-to app for what it does. Scrivener is in that last group.

Just wanted to gush a bit and give thanks for this great app. :smiley:

Thanks for the very kind words! I’m glad that Scrivener is working well for you and helping in some way with your graphic novel. It’s always interesting to hear how different people use Scrivener, and that’s great that its export can be used with Comic Life like that (Comic Life is indeed a great app, I’ve played with it a bit in the past).
All the best,

Welcome aboard the Scrivener forums. As another Scrivener user, I love reading how other people use the app and often surprised at the uses and methods described.

But what prompted me to post was your sig: Who would win in a fight – Schodinger’s Cat or Pavlov’s Dog? I had a clear mental picture of Schrodinger’s anxious moment opening the cat’s travel box and then the look on the Pavlov’s face when bell sounds to start round one. :smiley:

I don’t remember exactly, it was so long ago… I think it was a result of some kind of writing exercise that was about putting two things that, on the surface, appear to be similar, but actually are very different. And then I thought of how comic fans always have the “who’s stronger…” or “who would beat who in a fight” discussion, wondered what if science fans did the same and things fell into place.

I like your mental picture of the sig, btw. I would add B. F. Skinner’s Pigeons as the “round ladies” (y’know the women who go into the ring with big cards that say “Round 1”…). :laughing: