Chicken Little Ready to Update

I’m a big fan of Scrivener, but I’ve held off on upgrading. I currently have


  1. Is a 1.9.1 release imminent?

  2. Are there any known problems with 1.9? Things to look out for?

  3. I have many projects on my system. Is it quick and easy to get those modified?

  4. Are there any among you who have gone back to 1.8.6 after upgrading?

  5. Any problems with Aeon Timeline? Will it be able to find the files?


I’m on an old system but had zero problems with the latest release. I would recommend saving your preferences and importing them back into the update as many of them went back to the default

As I’m also on 1.8.6, I’m curious why you’re thinking now of updating? Is there a feature that you don’t currently have that has been addressed in the update? I thought about it a while back, myself, but I feel like a lot of the problems that I’ve heard recently had to do with the new version. This might just be something in my own head, so take that as you will. I’m genuinely interested in hearing others’ thoughts about the benefits of updating versus staying put with a version that, for me, does nearly everything that I need it to do.

There is not problems with Aeon. (Your files stay where they were - a backup is made of the old format, and the new format is generated in the same folder).

Compatibility with Mac is an important benefit for many

Two reasons:

  1. I just finished a book, and published it, so I figured now might be the best time to upgrade.

  2. I was about to report some problems, then I realized those problems might not exist in the new version.

I think I’ll wait until 1.9.1.