chief caution with beta

Hi. I’m new to the software, and I’m looking forward to getting into it. I understand all the caveats about using the beta version, etc. I know there are know guarantees. I’m wondering, though: If I’m careful (i.e., obsessive) about backing up my files, is using the beta a safe enough undertaking? I mean, if I’m backing up after each session, I’m most likely not going to lose more than one session’s work if the program wigs out, yes?

Again, I’m not looking for an airtight promise—I just would like to know that folks here are trusting the beta enough to actual use it, and that frequent backing up is the best caution to take.


I haven’t lost any work using scrivener. That said I can only speak for my own use of the beta which I’m using daily. Backing up is important no matter what software you use, but with betas it’s wise to backup at every opportunity.

So far I haven’t had a problem. I use Dropbox and feel fairy safe because I’ll have a last saved version there. When I started with the beta, I used to compile a version periodically, and just prior to a new version just in case. I don’t do that any more. Although, dear gods of the save function, that is not a challenge. :smiley:

:slight_smile: Thanks for the opinions, folks. I’m jumping in and will backup frequently. Looking forward to getting into it.


Note, there are several ways to provide yourself with “backups”. In addition to multiple copies of the Scriv files, I would suggest that you compile to RTF, Word or a format to suit yourself regularly as this will also provide you with a backup of the manuscript (although not the research etc) in a format readable by other software.

I’ll add my weight to the others, though: I’ve had no problems of losing data on running the beta.

I have a question before I would like to start the beta.
I have done betas in the past but I am just curious at the wording from the main page. There it states that I need to back up things on a regular basis.
– We are talking about Scrivener only or does it pose any threats to my system of sorts as well?


FYI, if you do use backups and ever restore from one, be sure to delete any 0 byte shadow files in the unzipped scrivener project file first. If you don’t do this, open the project, and work on it, it’ll do strange things to the resulting file. Ask me how I know. If you use the built-in windows zip/unzip utility, it’s not an issue. (Not sure if it’s a problem for OSX people unzipping a windows zipped backup.)

On Windows XP I always create a restore point before installing any new software or updates. The tiniest, most innocuous program can sometimes destabilize your system. But I’ve also have had no data loss problems with Scrivener, & it plays very well with my configuration. I also use Acronis True Image to completely back up my hard drive - it’s saved my bacon several times.