Chinese publishers?

A friend got three offers, through her agent, for a Chinese edition of her new book, a curious blend of memoir and nature called The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating. The offers were roughly equal, and it’s hard to get a read on their respective lists beyond what pops up on Google. (I mean, in the US you pretty know if a title is Harper-Collinsesh or Knopfy or FS&Geesey.)

Does anyone have any feelings one way or another about these three houses?

Cheers Publishing
Tianjin Huawentianxia Books
Shanghai Yazon Books

I don’t know about any of them but I’ll ask around. I have one friend who works for a publisher in Nanjing and another who translates English literature into Chinese for a major publisher in Beijing. I’ll see what they think, and will be in touch.


Thanks, Mark.


Wouldn’t the agent who solicited those offers know something about the publishers and their relative merits? My rude instincts say NO to Cheers Publishing and YES to Shanghai Yazon Books. Which probably means Tianjin Huawentianxia Books is the best. Anyway, it’s good to know that publishing deals are replacing piracy, as in the bad old days.

The agent knows which house offered the most and the first (10% more, and by a day), but the author is, uh, um, a bit of an individualist, and wants the publisher with, for want of a better word, the best vibes, to wrench a descriptive from our respective youths. She took a lower offer from a UK publisher, because she admired their list and their environmental cred compared with the house that offered the most.

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