CHM (Compiled HTML Help) Format

I posted on a technical writing list, asking if anyone could recommend a modestly priced Help Authoring Tool (HAT) or a non-specific tool that could be used as a HAT. HATs will always compile to CHM (Compiled HTML Help) which displays a TOC on the left similar to the one in Scrivener. Someone suggested Scrivener and I am extremely impressed with its user-friendliness, ability to do certain things such as split an imported document automatically into topic titles, move titles up and down and left and right (which some much more expensive HATs I tested couldn’t do or couldn’t do easily). However, if it can’t compile to CHM I might be a bit stuck unless I can use something else to convert HTML files to CHM. Or am I missing a compile type that will function the same as CHM? I think if you offer CHM as a compile type, many technical writers would adopt it - I would assume this question has already been asked but I can find no mention of CHM.