Christmas Hiatus

Hello folks,

And merry Christmas everyone, ho ho ho and all that malarkey. I am now on my Christmas hols, so I probably won’t be very active here for a couple of weeks. The next beta/1.0 should be out in mid-late January (I had to put it off from December because of all the Christmas pub sessions recently, I do hope you understand), but definitely before b5 expires.

Right, I’m off to eat some brussel sprouts, drink some beer, and then settle in for The Worst Christmas of My Life (it’s a programme, not my opinion) and the Charlotte Church Christmas Show. It’s a sad life, but fortunately during this season alcohol numbs all knowledge of aforementioned sadness. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your continued support of Scrivener - I really am glad to have such a great bunch of users. Have a great Christmas everyone!


P.S. Obviously, having said that, I’ll probably still end up being here every day…


Have a good one Keith … :slight_smile:

Merry christmas, everyone! And Keith, I will have to write a lot the next days, but your app, somehow, sweetens things up quite a lot, so thanks! :smiley:


Thanks, Keith. We are all quite delighted with having such a great developer/person to interact with. I know I am! :slight_smile: Have a great holiday, everyone!



Ahhh xmas morning, which in Quebec is merely a brief hiatus between obscenely huge meals. (We open our presents at midnight on the eve), Not much life here at L&L, a very good sign that speaks to the sanity of the indigenous population. My head hurts.

Happy holidays to all,

For those of you who have no more snow than we, a little pick me up:


Ha! A friend of mine sent me this already. Very fun. Thanks! Happy Holidays!!!


I just want to add my Happy New Year to the others. Scrivener is great, and I really appreciate the work you’ve done to make it easy, fast, intuitive and stable to use. Look forward to future versions. And to being able to send you some money for an application I use every day.