Christmas shopping...

…for the first year I’m nearly on top of it!

I ordered a calendar for the grandfolk via iPhoto (Kevin - my brother - if you are reading, don’t tell mom!). I have loads of other stuff that’s already arrived online too. For the first year I’ve actually got around to ordering in time. And Amazon Prime is already paying for itself, as it means I can just click “buy now” as I go without having to worry about delivery charges - normally I build up a big list on Amazon and then fret that I’ll have something to add that will cost extra delivery.

If you are a UK user with children: avoid ELC (Early Learning Centre) like the plague. Nearly everything that’s any good in their catalogue is already out of stock on their website. I ordered some stuff from them and they didn’t send all of it. When I phoned them to find out, I get some cold customer services woman saying, “I think you’ll find it’s out of stock, sir, which is why we only charged you for one instead of two. Oh, sorry no one let you know sir. It’s near Christmas, sir.” Grr… She was bloody rude.

Anyway, how’s everyone else getting on with the Christmas shopping? I quite enjoy Christmas, to tell the truth, which is somewhat hypocritical given that I am a born again atheist. :slight_smile: Still, being an atheist doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate the idea of a man 2,000 years ago going around telling people to be a bit nicer to each other…


Disastrous. As always.

Also, if you are a pagan (or a druid), any holiday that coincides with an equinox or a solstice is cause for celebration. After Dec 21/22, the shortest day and longest night, the sun begins to return to the Northern hemisphere. As our friends at Wikipedia say, interpretation of this holiday varies from culture to culture, but most see it as a recognition of rebirth. Wassail!

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. I love the cooking, the eating, the drinking, the buying of gifts, the daft Christmas CDs, the stacks of Christmas recipe books, the giving of gifts, the entertaining, the family get-togethers, the candelabra-thingy in the front window, the Baileys you wouldn’t touch the rest of the year… I even like carol services, which is ironic from a non-believer. We just do family things, and cook, and play silly games, and read, and flop on the sofa, and make bad jokes. Sounds corny. But I think everyone needs a nice, cheerful festival to break the gloom of winter. I look forward to it as much now as I did when I was a child.

The only thing I don’t like is writing Christmas cards. Guess what I am planning to do this weekend :frowning:

Hey Dru! :confused:

Most of my in-laws call me a, “*%&%*g pagan!!” :open_mouth: Does that make me a Druid like you :smiley:

Captn Keef, yronna, sir

Them bes strange senements fer a Grummpy Blounty, to be sure. Arr..t be sure…

:open_mouth: Christmas? Oh balls, had forgotten about that. :blush: Guess I’d better get the snow shovel out and dig myself a route through all the scrumpled balls of paper round my desk. Suppose then I should head off for some of that festive bloody spirit everyone is so full of around this joyous time of year. :confused: Sod that, I’ll just go with the spirit. Where’s that Pusser’s?


You could always buy yourself a little chrissy tree and hang all those paper balls on it, as tree decorations :wink: How festive is that then? :laughing:

I alway wecolme the onslaught of the festive season with open arms! As if :cry: :

Vic Ol’ chum. I’ve been debating this Christmas quandary. I feel using some of the paperballs for decorations may, as you say, look very festive. Especially if dipped in coffee to add colour. However, leaving some upon the floor lends the ambiance of snow to my room. As for buying a tree? :open_mouth: Hmmmm… I think a cuctus will suffice.

I love celebrating life, so this is a good time. Though I’m not a druid, the solstice is important as a symbolic as well as actual new beginning. :smiley:

And, personally, I like the idea that it all started with Saturnalia.

Is it cactus…or …cacti? If it`s cacti , you can tie a piece of string between them and hang your balls from it. How festive is that then?:lol:

It`Saturnalia every weekend in my village :smiling_imp: :laughing:



WOT…!!! :confused:

I am in Thailand for Xmas. The lights are up in the bars, plastic xmas trees are out. The Thais seem to look forward to it as a festival of eating and drinking and making merry. They know nothing of the exchange of gifts for which I am grateful.

Myself I am happy to be out of the UK with its fake Xmas and the fact you can;t go anywhere as its closed and teh transport isnt there.

At least in Thailand its an authentic fake, just an excuse to be happy.

Anyway, enough from Mr Grouch, have a good Xmas one and all.


Cheer up Paul.
Whats Xmas for, if not to turn us all in to Grouches? I mean just take Eldrich for example. Thares a man too Scrooge-like, to even buy himself a set of flashing coloured fairy lights to wind around his bal…then again… perhaps…not an avenue to explore eh? :laughing:

Exorcise Mr. Grouch and have a good one Paul

Take care



You stay away from my avenue. No exploration whatsoever. You hear that Mr Vic?

Yer nowt burra NIMBY…orrisit a NIMBA

I aint got no time for avenooss anyway! Avn growed up in t rubble strewn back streets of da ghetto :smiling_imp:

da ghetto be buggered! I did my time in Nham. That made a man out of me , I can tell you. You didn’t know when they were gonna come at you, or from where. Eyes peeled, always alert. Keeping yourself on the brink of fitness. You had to, otherwise you’d go down. If you fell, they’d leave you to the mercy of the hoardes behind. Oh yes, cheltenham on a weekend. That moment when your dice was rolled, your time to go. all those carefully planned maneuvers running through your mind. But would you, could you, make it? You just had to hope that lady luck didn’t play away, leaving you to face last orders alone!

I was beginning to feel honoured to have made your acquaintance, until you shattered my illusion with .Cheltenham. :open_mouth:

Cheltenham; that, [i]Salubritas et Eruditio[/i], hell hole!!!

Actually El, that was a pretty good description of how I feel whenever I have to go out in the company of my inlaws :imp:…er…erm… I shouldnt say this...but seeing as its nearly Christmas :cry:…Im still laughing at yer very funny and clever post. But! Do try not to set too high a standard for the rest of us riffraff :laughing:
Take care

I even got my christmas cards off to australia before the internation posting deadline (well ok - on the day). That’s the first time in about 5 years!