Christmas shopping...

You`ve obviously been practising for five years. About the length of time my wife has been practising filling and emptying the sodding dish washer. Naw!! more like twenty years :cry:

it’s husband’s who need to practise filling and emptying dishwashers. Mine is so illogical to the extreme, that things come out dirtier than when they went in, thanks to a saucepan laid over the top of the glasses, or several spoons sticking through the base and preventing the thingamajig from going around.

jeezzz!! Pink,

Y`really turn me on when you talk like that 8) :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

My dishwasher stopped working the other day. :cry: I thought it was going to be an awful chore over Christmas. I even debated getting a new one, at least to tide me over the Christmas period. But joy of joys, good news yesterday. Her Aunt is feeling much better so she’ll be home soon. :smiley:

boom boom.

Now that really is a very sexist thing to say. :open_mouth:

I think I may just sit here and watch, as they arrive, circling over head, dropping lower and lower. With the blood in your veins turned to ice, you`ll be unable to move; paralysed with fear.

Even before the initial onslaught begins, you`ll be imagining the excruciating pain, that you will have to endure, before merciful release takes you, but having said that, the taking could be a long time acoming

Wholl be the first to arrive: will it be Amber; Alexandria; Margaret; Katherine; Maria; gawwd help y, if its Mollys Mum; Jenny; Geekygirl et al.

You`ve blown it this time pal !!

Unless, of course, you print a retraction :open_mouth: Hee!.hee!hee!..A really grovelling, self debasing apology. You can do it El…unless of course… you get a bad dose of Writers Block` :laughing: :laughing:

Bring it on!! yeahh!! :smiling_imp:

Dishwasher’s might have aunts - it could have been a washing machine or a water purifyer - related by marriage of course. Who says machines can’t have a social life?

PINK!! WOT ARE Y DOIN? :open_mouth:

YER MAKIN EXCUSES FOR HIM!! Jeeezzz!! wot are y` like :open_mouth:

I was just putting on my christmas stockings.